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Video Wall Rental

Audio/Video Rental

Just as the ninja of old were known to have a few tricks. Providing audio and video rentals is one of ours. We provide affordable rentals on TVs, sound systems, computer systems, tablets, and much more. These can be ordered from our team on the floor if you have suffered some damage coming to the trade show.

If you don't see something on our list please ask.

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The Service

We will deliver the rented audion/video to your booth space prior to the show. All TVs will have a 6' HDMI cable, and wall mounts as part of the rental. Other rental hardware will come with appropriate cords etc... After the show, we will pick the rented item and return it to our warehouse hassle-free. 

Rental TVs

All TVs are 4K to meet your needs

We currently stock 6 sizes of TV's in our Las Vegas warehouse, 32", 40", 43", 50", 55", & 65". Our TV brands vary by model and size.  

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32" TV Rental

cq5dam.web.1920.1200 (1).png

42" TV Rental


50" TV Rental

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55" TV Rental

cq5dam.web.1920.1200 (1).png

65" TV Rental

Audio Rental

We have a wide variety of audio gear for a variety of event and trade show needs. We have speakers, microphones, mixers, amps, and many other items. If you do not see it on our list please ask.



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Wireless Mics

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Video Wall Rental

For the record ninja did not have video walls, lucky for you we do. If you need a video wall in Las Vegas we have a ninja tech ready to help with your needs.  We like to fly video walls because that's just cool.  We offer floor-standing units as well, and we even have some basic fully enclosed units built to fit with most booth spaces.

All of our panels are P2.9, 500mm x 500mm, with a viewing angle of 140 degrees. 

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The Service

We will ship the rented video wall to your booth space prior to the show. We provide a tech to set the wall and maintain it for the duration of your show. Our quotes will provide you with all the hardware, cords, data cable, processor, and computer for the job. 

Overhead Video Wall


Floor Mounted


Small Cabinet

Small Video Wall.jpg

Large Cabinet

Video wall Cabinet.jpg
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