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Lead Capture

Lead Capture

We offer 2 ways to capture leads. Ninja Leads is our first method that collects a higher quality of lead by manually input data of leads into most CRM's directly. This is the most effective way we have found to gather qualified leads for trade shows.


The second option is the traditional method of scanning a badge and having it downloaded to a list. Please read below and select the best method that fits your needs. 

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Ninja Leads

With Ninja Leads, we will provide you a web URL that you can be used on unlimited phones, tablets, or most web-capable devices. The questions are customizable and will require manual input of qualified leads. This avoids booth staff scanning unqualified leads, increases the quality of leads, and increases show ROI. 

From our 20 plus years of experience, this has been our most effective way to collect quality over quantity. in our last implementation, 3 things happened.  Lead quantity was reduced by 73.6%. Lead follow-up increased from 6.3% to 88.9%. Sales from trade shows increased 948%. 

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Badge Scanning

With our traditional service, we can provide you the ability to scan badges at most large trade shows. We can supply you with the devices, phone, or tablet.  

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