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Labor Services

Labor Service Options

In the history of Japan the Ninja is perfectly trained and the best-trained warrior. Our Ninjas are here to provide you with an unparalleled experience with your trade show and event labor needs. We have over 80 years of combined experience on the trade show and event floors. We specialize in all types of labor needs. From portable modular booths to large custom double and triple deck installations. We are specialists in portable modular systems like Skyline Exhibits, Nimlok, Nomadic Displays, BeMatrix, AGAM, Alusett, and many other brands.

In our pricing structure, we offer 2 options Flat Rate and Hourly Rate.


The Ninja

Our Ninja are Professional Skilled Labor, they arrive on time, with the tools for the job. We handpicked our team from the best of the best. We know our people are awesome, but we also have the coolest shirts and business cards on any trade show floor. (Ninja Chop)

Flat Rate

A flat rate quote is typically used on modular booth systems that are 20 x 20 and under. This is a great way to control show labor cost without the worry of how much every hour is costing you. This quote is more expensive due to the higher level of service provided.


With an Exhibit.Ninja flat rate quote we include a full service taking care of tracking inbound freight, installing the booth, 1-time cleaning service prior to the show, marking empties, ordering electricians to install lights & A/V, dismantling and repacking the booth properties, marking freight for return shipping, and turning in Bills of Lading

Hourly Rate

An hourly rate quote is typically used on custom booths with a traveling supervisor. This option is very easy to quote. Most likely your team already knows about how many hours it takes to set up a booth. We provide the labor for the installation and dismantle based on dates and times requested. 

This is typically the more economical way to go but your final bill reflects any additional charges or overages.

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