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Labor Services

In the history of Japan the Ninja is perfectly trained and the best-trained warrior. Our Ninjas are here to provide you with an unparalleled experience with your trade show and event labor needs. We have over 100 years of combined experience on the trade show and event floors. We specialize in all types of labor needs. From portable modular booths to large custom double and triple deck installations. We are specialists in portable modular systems like Skyline Exhibits, Nimlok, Nomadic Displays, BeMatrix, AGAM and many other brands.

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Audio/Visual Rentals


Just as the ninja of old were known to have a few tricks up our sleeves. Providing audio and video rentals is one of ours. We provide affordable rentals on TVs, sound systems, computer systems, tablets, and much more.   

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Video Wall Rentals

Video Wall Rentals

For the record ninja did not have video walls, lucky for you we do. If you are planning on shipping to Las Vegas we have a ninja tech ready to help with your needs.  We like to fly video walls because that's just cool. 


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